"Our passion is to create a business environment that fits your DNA, what you want, and what your customers need. It's all about making things beautiful and effective so you feel good about your business"
Beate Bischof


01. Purpose

What's your business purpose? What inspired your business ideas ?

WHAT is a cause or believe. It's the very reason why your ideas will come to reality.

02. Product

What is interesting about your product/project ?

Our teamwork side-by-side will help you make your product/project stand out from the rest.

03. Problem solving

What do you believe in - personally & professionally?

Day-to-day management can hide the reality from you. Our job is to analyse your structure and point out areas for improvement.

04. People

We care about your team

We recruit, select & coach talented individuals so that you can provide a great experience to your customers

05. Process

Our team assigns your talents & knows who should do what, when, and how

As part of the process/project, we supervise everything

06. Profits

How much money will you make?

What are your plans for your earnings?

Where do you see your business evolving in the future?

Meet Beate Bischof (CEO) & Vincent Braibant (Founder)

Beate Bischof (CEO) & Vincent Braibant (Founder)

Beate holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and Finance, from “Bayreuth University” in Bavaria, Germany. She embarked on her career with six years at a prominent German insurance company. Her exceptional talents were recognized when she was sought out by a headhunter for a Publishing House. For the following nine years, Beate served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for renowned women’s magazines like “Cosmopolitan,” “Elle,” and “InStyle.” Her responsibilities extended to orchestrating B2B events. Inspired by her passion for events, Beate later established her own company, where she continues to excel in organizing and managing diverse events.

Vincent is not only armed with a Business & Sales Engineer diploma from “IAG University” in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, but he also boasts a Bachelor in “HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT” with special qualifications of a chef de cuisine from the prestigious “Château de Namur” hospitality school in Belgium. Vincent’s journey in the restaurant industry began while he was a student in his older brother’s Michelin-starred restaurant. Alongside his studies, he found his groove as a DJ in several clubs. In 1990, he ventured into entrepreneurship with “Sound System.” Later, he co-founded the first Karaoke bars in Brussels and Paris, along with an audiovisual equipment rental shop. In 1997, he opened his first restaurants and bars, where some of Europe’s finest DJs set the stage for unforgettable nights in Brussels.

The Power Duo Since 2008:
Since 2008, Beate and Vincent have forged a dynamic and successful partnership. Their diverse backgrounds have rendered them highly effective in a multitude of fields. Over the years, they have collaborated on numerous projects spanning Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt, and Costa Rica. Beate and Vincent possess the unique ability to breathe life into your ideas. Count on them for outstanding performances, avant-garde concepts, and top-notch designs that will bring your vision to fruition. Explore our portfolio to discover more about their remarkable journey.

Why working with us ?

“Through continuous practice, experimentation, and learning from our clients’ businesses, we’ve embraced simplicity to fully savor our collaborative experiences. Our journey together has unfolded numerous projects, unveiling new horizons and refining our approach. We embody customer-centricity, attentive listening, innovative ideation, effective project management, discipline, and unwavering dedication. This is who we are.”